renta de autos en cancun Cosas que debe saber antes de comprar

Desventajas: Unclear pricing. Advertisement says nothing about the insurance which is required and costs two orders of magnitude more than the rental

Desventajas: My flight got delayed and I called them twice to let them know. For the second one, I had already landed and told them I'd be out in less than half an hour.

Desventajas: It took nearly two hours to get our reserved car. There were only two people on line in front of me, both of whom also had a reserved car so it was not a matter of long lines or customers with complicated problems. Also they oversell an overly expensive insurance package.

Desventajas: Arriving around midnight and being hooked with the reservation they drop you off quickly at their location close to the airport.

Desventajas: It was off site. They charged over two hundred dollars for insurance, but it was in Mexico. The car had minor damage throughout the vehicle before we picked it up.

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So I ended up not renting a car and they drove me back with a shuttle to the airport to take a camioneta. No fees applied. But anyway, a classical trap or scam. If I rent with Hertz in the US, no insurance is needed and the confirmation mail was the same.

Entregué el carromato y en menos de 15 mins pero estaba en la van de regreso a la terminal. Yo puedo opinar que mi experiencia fue buena.

Desventajas: I was quoted a price of about $80 for the week but when we arrived they tried charging us four times that amount. I walked away and did not rent from them.

I explained to him that it is illegal and by law the insurance has to be included in the rental price. I had him write his statement and name down and then went to another agency. Be aware of this scam and know your rights!

Horrible car, horrible experience, a lot because the car rental is sketchy and also because Kayak should provide better information to their costumers. I would suggest go to one of the rental companies that you know and trust even if you'll have to pay a bit more, at the end it will even pasado, since this place hide all click here the other fees.

Mi hijo llego seguidamente a entregar elhoyrovehiculo y le inventan que se pasó un día y un golpe en la puerta, que les comprobó se quitó con polish y no dialogar del día extra.pues no procedía, lo bueno ue. Llegamos con tiempo, pues sí no y por no perder el avión lo hubiéramos aceptado.

Muy buen precio cuando alquilamos un coche en Lisboa. No tuve ningún problema al arrendar a través de la web.

Desventajas: Just Campeón most of the reviews describe, there was an attempt to hustle me into overpaying for a comprehensive insurance policy.

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